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Scary Ringtones

Awarded "5 stars Reviewers' choice!" Top 10 App Google Play Store in six countries!  Scary Ringtones features unique Scary sounds perfect for a Scary ringtone, text alert or notification. Easily set any of these Scary sounds as your ringtone, SMS, alert, notification, text message sound, email, to a specific contact or as a scary sound alarm.  Downloaded over 1 million times!

Sirens and Horns

Sirens and Horns features actual high quality loud Horn and Siren sounds featuring police sirens, fire engine horns and sirens, burglar alarms, loud car alarms, and a loud tug boat horn you have to hear to believe.

Funny SMS Ringtones

Funny SMS Ringtones features unique funny sounds perfect for a funny text alert or notification.  Downloaded over 1 million times!

Sound Effects

This application features the most downloaded Sound effects from the web grouped together in one easy to use interface. Hundreds of sound effect ringtones. More than 100 sound effects and ringtones in 1 application.